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You are a livestock consultant or vet

Work even more closely with your clients

Provide them with new services
Save time and help them save time


Assist your farmers from day to day

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BAOBA is a simple tool that farmers and technicians can use to consult and enter information when on the go. BAOBA is a collaborative platform and lets farmers and their consultants share information easily, save time when exchanging data, and strengthen the trust between them.

–  Simplified exchanges between the farmer and their consultant

–  Shared view of the whole herd, mobs and plots

–  Sharing advice and technical observations


An all-round view for better advice


BAOBA gives you an all-round view of the farming and livestock practises applied by the holdings in your portfolio. BAOBA pools all the information and data collected by farmers within a single system, so you can assist them from day to day and encourage them to use more sustainable, more efficient practices. For example, the application helps with the health monitoring and reproduction of your cows and heifers, the selection of your cull cows and the tracking of your animals for fattening.


Exploit the data collected in personalised dashboards


The BAOBA solution lets you collect data easily and analyse it simply in customisable dashboard format.

–  Get easy access to your dashboards

–  Create personalised dashboards with help from our Business and Data experts

–  Explore all the data collected by your farmers to create and further your knowledge

–  Publish dashboards regularly for your farmers


Easy roll-out of a solution that suits you

BAOBA assist you with the roll-out and use of our solutions, including project and commercial support, training and client support.

–  Dedicated business experts for project management and deployment

–  Sales support and provision of communication materials

–  Client support always available and responsive

–  Group training online or face-to-face 

Client testimonies

“With BAOBA, I can offer my clients new tools and services and I save time recovering and analysing the data I need to advise them. BAOBA lets me access all my clients’ data on my phone or in my Data Lab. I can also use it to build indicators and dashboards, that I send on to my clients. I save time and have increased my value proposition for my clients.”
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