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You are an agricultural organisation

You are a cooperative, a breeders’ association, or a company in the agri-food sector ? Then BAOBA is for you!

Work even more closely with your clients and members :

BAOBA meets your needs so you can offer them new services

Freddy and his cooperative use BAOBA to monitor their farms


Assist your clients or members from day to day

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lot volailles baoba

BAOBA is a simple tool that farmers and technicians can use to consult and enter information when on the go. BAOBA is a collaborative platform and lets you share information easily, save time when exchanging data and strengthen the trust between you and your partners

–  Simplified exchanges

–  Shared view of the whole herd, mobs and plots from the map interface

–  Sharing advice and technical observations

–  Simplified regulatory, traceability and biosecurity requirements (single workflow within the group)


Provide full traceability of your production

BAOBA gives you an all-round view of your portfolio of holdings. BAOBA pools all the information and data collected by farmers and technicians within a single system that lets you :

–  Check that practices comply with the requirements set out in your production contracts or specifications, throughout the campaign

–  Provide support with sustainable, more efficient practices from day to day

–  Exploit the data collected for end consumers who demand more information and greater traceability.


Exploit the data collected in personalised dashboards

The BAOBA solution lets you collect data easily and analyse it simply in customisable dashboard format.

–  Get easy access to your dashboards;

–  Create personalised dashboards with help from our Business and Data experts;

–  Explore all the data collected to create and further your knowledge;

–  Publish dashboards regularly for your clients, members and operational staff. 


Connect your current tools to the BAOBA platform

You can connect your group solutions (software packages, ERP) to the BAOBA platform. You can also access a panel of partner solutions (software, hardware) and repositories compatible with our platform. BAOBA uses the standards accepted across the profession to allow interoperability with third-party solutions.



Easy roll-out of a solution that suits you

BAOBA assist you with the roll-out and use of our solutions, including project and commercial support, training and client support.

–  Dedicated business experts for project management and agile deployment in line with your requirements

–  Assistance and provision of communication materials

–  Assistance with your transformation processes

–  Dedicated client support, always available and responsive

–  Group training online or face-to-face

Client testimonies

“I use BAOBA to take all my water, temperature and feed readings. We used to note everything on paper and sent it all at the end of the batch, but now we do everything using our smartphone from day to day. If there’s a problem, the technician can intervene much faster. It’s in real time, it saves time and, if there’s an inspection, it secures production. The technician can access data for all the farms and we can compare. It works very well, it’s very easy. You get the impression that the application was designed by farmers for farmers. I now tell my friends that I’ve got a connected farm!”
Poultry farmer
“I manage things in real time. The technician has access to all the farms’ data from their smartphone or computer. It runs really smoothly, it’s responsive. I analyse all that data and there is feedback for the farmers. I manage it in real time, of course. There is also better traceability. Three years later, if there is a product recall, we can trace everything back upstream using the application.”
Cooperative technician

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