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All your farm in your pocket !

The first, most comprehensive “all-in-one” solution on the market. Ideal for mixed crop and livestock farming and working with your partners, all within the same software:

-Managing cattle, sheep, goat and poultry farms,

-Managing crop production and pastures,

BAOBA provides an all-round, real-time view that the farmer can tuck into their pocket.

BAOBA helps address the challenges of the agro-ecological transition. Ideal for farms, agricultural associations, consultants and vets looking for an innovative, comprehensive solution.

What our clients say: “It’s pleasant, it runs smoothly, it helps you make the right decision. Thanks to BAOBA, we immediately cut our time down by 50-60% and the job is now only half as arduous as it was.

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Keep a permanent eye on your farm activity

All your farm at a glance, in your pocket!

All your ruminant herds, poultry flocks, crops and pastures from your unique interactive map interface.

The user-friendly map interface lets you browse simply through the application and record information intuitively, while providing an all-round view of your farm, straight from your smartphone.

Benefit from a view of your farm and direct access to your network in real time, in your pocket!

Cartographie bovin baoba


The first application devoted to mixed crop and livestock farming

Designed with agronomic experts for the crop component and animal husbandry specialists for the livestock component. The combination of livestock and crops is at the core of our solution to provide overall ecosystem management. BAOBA is ideal for farms that have embarked on the agro-ecological transition


Forget about pens, paper and Excel sheets!

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Manage all your day-to-day activities and operations from your smartphone and be sure not to lose a single piece of data. No more bits of paper!

Covers reproduction, feed management, crops and pastures, along with regulatory requirements, care and sanitary aspects.


Easy sharing between people on your farm and your partners

Wherever you are and regardless of network coverage, BAOBA works online and off-line.

Thanks to multi-user synchronisation, share information in real time.

BAOBA has its own private social network, shared calendars and a task manager to make teamwork easier. Use BAOBA to collaborate with people on your farm and your partners (consultants, vets, etc.).

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Save time by automating your weighing tasks.

Compatible with all EID readers on the market, which we can also supply (Tru-Test, Maréchalle-Pesage and Allflex). BAOBA can be used to identify, weigh and automatically sort all ruminant types (cattle, sheep and goats) according to weight or a list, and to manage all these operations from your smartphone. Our solution speeds up weighing tasks (300 to 600 animals an hour) while making the job less arduous for the farmer and less stressful for the animals. BAOBA secures data recording and feedback and automatically creates personalised dashboards.

Client testimonies

“There is a lot of talk about this app, which is revolutionising the livestock sector. We weren’t used to it, so BAOBA really is a leap into the 21st century.”
Pesée bovin baoba
Cattle farmer
“I haven’t actually counted but with BAOBA, we’ve gained 50-60% of our time, which we can now spend on something else. We save time and we no longer lose information.”
Video-teaser-1 baoba_YouTube
Lisette and Jeffrey
Sheep farmers
“You get the impression that the application was designed by farmers for farmers. I now tell my friends that I’ve got a connected farm!”
Poultry farmer

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