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You are a goat farmer

Move up a gear
with this 100% cloud-based mobile app for your goat heard!


At last – your regulatory obligations simplified!


BAOBA is day-to-day management tool you can keep in your pocket on your smartphone, providing an all-round view of your farm and letting you enter data quickly and easily straight from the field, whether you are online or not. All your information is secured and shared with whoever you want in real time. You enjoy full peace of mind and you won’t need to enter all that information at the end of your working day!

There has never been an easier or more secure way to update your inventory, health logbooks and birthing records or to create a livestock movement declaration!


Manage all your farm’s production centres effectively

BAOBA helps you improve your herd’s technical, economic and environmental performance day after day, thanks to easy, intuitive management of the technical levers at your disposal.

See everything you need to know about each animal during its time on your farm (reproduction, lineage, health, growth curve, etc.) at a glance.

BAOBA makes it easier to monitor the health and reproduction of your nannies and female kids, the selection of your cull goats and monitor your animals’ growth.



Save time by getting the most from your electronic tags.


BAOBA is compatible with all the EID readers on the market and we can supply Tru-Test, Maréchalle-Pesage and Allflex hardware. BAOBA can be used to identify, weigh and automatically sort all your nannies and kids according to weight or a list, and to manage all these operations from your smartphone.

BAOBA secures data recording and feedback and automatically creates personalised dashboards.


Optimise your pasture management and locate your mobs easily

Use your smartphone and the map on the BAOBA home page to keep a permanent eye on your goats and kids, and optimise your pasture management. Personalise mobs and places (goat sheds, buildings and grasslands) to match the application’s management process with your organisation. Use BAOBA to easily enter information on all your livestock, crop and pasture operations.


Client testimonies

“The administrative aspect is much easier. I can see all my goats on my phone. I can consult or enter information on a single animal or a whole mob, and never lose a scrap of data. Everything is saved. I use electronic tags and a stick reader directly connected to my phone and the BAOBA app, and save a great deal of time when managing my mobs and various tasks.”
Goat farmer

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