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A head full of dreams and an encounter


BAOBA is what happened when Mathieu Godet (left), son of a farmer and agricultural engineer who dreamed of managing the entire family farm from a smartphone using a single application, met Frédérick Mouvier (right), who dreamed of making use of digital technologies to create new added value for the agricultural and agri-food sector. Together, they set out to tackle these challenges and make their solutions accessible to stakeholders in all sectors of the livestock industry to address the issues farms now face, including the agro-ecological transition, traceability and animal welfare


A single application for the whole farm

BAOBA is the first comprehensive “all-in-one” solution available on a smartphone and covering both livestock production (cattle, sheep, goats and poultry) and plant production (crops and pastures) in the same tool to address the challenges posed by the agro-ecological transition of farms: fully free-range, intermediate crops for fodder, transhumance, tree-lined grazing areas for poultry, dynamic rotational grazing, reintroduction of fodder crops, closing the nutrient cycle, animal welfare, biodiversity, and so on.



Excellence, Service, Innovation, Simplicity and Pragmatism


With our intuitive solutions, we help farmers and their consultants who are looking to create value in their sector and on their farms, making use of digital and new technologies adapted to the world of agriculture. We assist farms with the digital transition. Like them, we believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to reconcile performance, quality and environment.


A small sample of our team !

BAOBA is first and foremost about people, with a passionate team who are advancing the digital and agro-ecological transition in the livestock sector.


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