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Do you have questions about the collection, analysis and exploitation of the data from your farms or those of your upstream and downstream partners?

BAOBA can work with you and share its expertise to implement a personalised “data intelligence” solution.

BAOBA will assist you at every or any stage of your decision-making process:

Design, blueprint, choice of solutions, technical and functional architecture (cloud versus on-premise)

–Implementation and deployment

-Repositories, harmonisation, creation of indicators, dashboards

Training, assistance, support


You want to process, analyse and share a set of data and business information. The team at BAOBA can assist you with the production and deployment of your personalised dashboards so that your staff can access optimised analyses helping them make better decisions.



You aim to capitalise on your data projects to introduce a genuine data culture in your organisation. Our team of business and data experts will work alongside you to convince all your staff about the importance of data and their analysis.

We can offer tailored assistance, from needs analysis to the creation of a centralised platform to share your data and the optimisation of your dashboard design.

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