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Sorting and weighing can be just as easy as you dreamed!

A unique, comprehensive solution for your farms

Discover a range of specific solutions that we have selected for you, in line with your business requirements. Work efficiently with this equipment. We can offer personalised support to help you set up and deploy these turnkey solutions, on site or remotely.


Simplify your day-to-day records

The versatile BAOBA application is compatible with all EID readers on the market. As a distributor, we can supply this equipment and maintain the manufacturer’s attractive price and warranty conditions (e.g. Marechalle, Tru-Test, Allflex). We can advise you on the products you really need, with support for installation, commissioning, use with the software and after-sales service. With our broad range, we can meet all farmers’ use and budget requirements
Electronic identification automates your animal selection process and helps you save time when recording operations. Entry-level stick readers cost under €300.

Baton allflex


Streamline and secure your weighing processes

The “connected weighing” pack developed with our partner Maréchalle-Pesage makes the identification and weighing process faster and more efficient – for use in farm buildings or in the field (cattle and sheep). Our solution speeds up weighing tasks (300-600 animals an hour), secures data feedback and automates data exploitation in personalised dashboards. Contact us so we can study your requirements for streamlining and simplifying your weighing processes.


Automate your animal weighing and sorting processes

This “connected weighing and automatic sorting” pack, suited to sheep farmers, has been developed with our partner Maréchalle-Pesage. It can be used to identify, weigh and automatically sort all your animals according to weight or a list, and to manage all these operations from your smartphone. Our solution halves the time spent on the task and makes your weighing tasks less arduous. It also speeds up weighing tasks (300-600 animals an hour), secures data feedback and automates data exploitation in personalised dashboards.


Better handling for improved safety

Proper handling with robust and reliable equipment ensures a safe working environment for you and your employees, while maintaining your animals’ well-being. We are a distributor and partner of Maréchalle-Pesage, leader on the animal handling market, so can offer a complete range of equipment compatible with BAOBA for handling, connected weighing and hoof trimming. Contact us and we’ll find a solution that suits you!

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