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The application designed by and for farmers

An “all-in-one” pocket solution

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The BAOBA application is a tool that the farmer will use every day on a smartphone, straight from the field and while on the go. It provides a simple, fast and user-friendly way of entering and recovering information on any operation, covering reproduction, feed management, regulatory obligations, care and health.

From 360€ / year / farm

Includes multiple users

BAOBA Expert

The mobile application designed by and for technicians and consultants

Cooperatives, associations, vets... BAOBA Expert is for you!

BAOBA gives technicians and consultants an all-round view of the farming and livestock practises applied by the holdings in their portfolio. BAOBA pools all the information and data collected by farmers within a single system that helps technicians, consultants and vets assist their clients and members from day to day, and encourage them to apply more sustainable, more efficient practices.

From 800€/ year

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The technician has access to farm information from their smartphone…

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along with detailed, real-time monitoring of each farm.

BAOBA Analytics

An all-round vision of the farm and its performance


The BAOBA solution is used to collect data easily and analyse it simply in customisable dashboard format.

–  Easier access to dashboards;

–  Personalised dashboards created with help from our Business and Data experts;

–  All the data collected can be explored to create and further knowledge;

–  Dashboards published regularly for a specific target audience

From 800€/ year


A collaborative platform to facilitate information

BAOBA is a collaborative platform that lets farmers and their consultants share information easily and strengthen the trust between them.

–  Simplified exchanges between the farmer and their technician or vet

–  Shared view of the whole herd, mobs and plots

–  Sharing advice and technical observations

Free when purchasing a subscription

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I create discussion groups and I share the information I want with who I want.

BAOBA Connect

An open platform to centralise all useful information.

BAOBA uses the standards accepted across the profession to allow interoperability with third-party solutions. The BAOBA platform connects to the main software packages and ERP solutions on the market, and gives clients access to a set of carefully selected solutions, tested on pilot farms (software, hardware, connected objects, etc.). For example: Cooperative ERP solutions, EID stick readers, weigh scales, GPS tracker collars, etc.

Free when purchasing a subscription or equipment

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